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PLL Yoga  

I was introduced to hot yoga at the age of 15. In the beginning, my yoga practice did not come naturally to me. I felt frustrated and, I actually stopped going after a few classes, swearing that this was NOT for me! It was so different from anything I had ever done before. I have always been an athlete playing varsity sports and an avid indoor cycler. I love movement and being in my body. However, at the young age of 21, I notice that these activities made me feel sore, extremely tight, and even found myself struggling with anxiety. Well, thank god for my sister because she pushed me to give yoga one more try! I’m beyond grateful she did.


My experience with yoga has allowed me to be spontaneous (on and off the mat). When the pandemic happened, my plans shifted, and I needed to figure out my next move. I heard about Revel Yoga’s 200 RYT program and that Hallie Levy (an awesome yoga teacher) was going to be assisting. I signed up!

I knew I wanted to teach and now I get to teach what I love.


I used to believe that my body had to look a specific way and bend into the perfect posture. Now I understand that true yoga is more than the person’s body. Yoga is an embodiment of the mind, body, and soul that allows us to move with ease. On the mat, it’s not always easy. I still struggle. The discomfort I feel in my body and mind no longer scares me. This practice has allowed me to grow in my life and expand on my mat.



This is a personal blog page on Instagram. I'm passionate about health and wellness. Therefore, I wanted a place to share my healthy eating tips. Now, minoring and studying sports nutrition in college. I love trying new recipes and restaurants.


My blog page is always changing and the content is very organic and real. I care about personal growth and collaboration. 

 I'm excited to see the future of this page. Online creativity has the influence to share powerful messages. My main goal is to inspire people to be the greatest versions of themselves. I hope to motivate my friends, family, and followers to be true, real, and honest. 

Thank you for all the love and support! <3 



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