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Entering my twenties is a new phase in my life that will bring many challenges and blessings. These new challenges will help mold me into the person I dream of becoming. My identity is forming and, these next years will test me in different ways. I’m excited for new experiences and opportunities to take risks. There is value in learning new things and growing from the past. As I continue to develop my own set of personal morals, my relationships will also change. Having an open-mind will allow me to be optimistic and try new things. Yoga is a new part of my life that I’m trying to embrace. This Vinyasa practice will guide my moral compass throughout my young adulthood. I’m learning new things every day and it’s a wonderful feeling. Setting my standards will come with confidence and affirmation. My goal in these next 6 months is to slow down and reflect. I’m a fast learner and love to be running around. However, breaking it down piece by piece will allow me to see a new perspective. Yoga is a beautiful practice that has long-term life and health benefits. I’m looking forward to using yoga to serve others. I want to inspire others to be their most authentic selves. This comes with gaining individual confidence first. After I’m grounded in the practice my identity will slowly begin to blossom.


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