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Half Marathon Hustle

On August 6th 2022, I ran the New York City half marathon in the 90 degree hot summer heat. Running a half marathon has always been a goal I wanted to achieve. From a young age I have been athletically inclined and motivated. I’m always trying to push myself both physically and mentally inorder to reach new heights. Completed in 2 hours and 22 minutes, I accomplished an incredible milestone of running 13.1 miles around central park. Throughout this journey I learned a lot of valuable skills and sentiments.

First, setting measurable goals was an important takeaway lesson. When I began training I had two months to prepare. Each week leading up to the race I would try to run at least once a week increasing my distance each time. The goal I set for myself was to run 10 miles before the race. This specific goal allowed me to have a benchmark of accomplishment. I felt confident that if I could achieve 10 miles then for the last 3 miles my adrenaline would kick in. I was right. Despite the heat, my mental toughness and goal setting got me through this half marathon.

Another lesson I learned while training for this race was figuring out how to stay motivated. My mom gave me advice because she has run a half marathon in the past. She told me that every few miles I should have something to look forward to. So, the first three miles I ran in silence. Once I hit the 3 mile mark, I got to listen to my music. The next point of motivation I had to look forward was a Peloton coach. These changes allowed me to sustain my energy throughout the race. Those last few miles my family was my essential motivation. My Nana, mom, and sister were there cheering me on with each lap. Family was my main source of motivation because my they supported me during the entire journey.

Lasty, optimism is the key to success. I believe that with a positive attitude anything is possible. Once you set an intention for yourself it’s easier to understand the motivation. For me, the intention that guided me throughout this race was breathing. I knew that if I focused on my breath than I would be fine. I used my mind the chanel positive affirmations that encouraged me to breath with intention. Throughout the entire race, there was never a point where I felt ‘out of breath’. My legs, knees, and ankles felt the pain but, I would not let my breathing pattern change. The consistency of breath allowed me to stay optimistic throughout the duration of the half marathon. I’m thankful for my yogic background because it has shown me the power of breathing. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without confidence and composure. My optimism and breath guided me to completion of 13.1 miles.

Life presents many unique experiences and it is our personal choice to either sit back and watch it happen or take the initiative. In my life, I’m very ambitious and like to test my limits. I want to be the best version of myself and athletic accomplishments help me feel validated. This half marathon has taught me incredible life lessons that I will take with me. Next stop I will be running a full marathon.


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