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There is something special about figuring out what you love. My whole teenage life I have been trying to figure out what makes me happy and I have recently realized that I am most happy when my body feels the best and my body feels the best when I am eating the right foods. I've never been a chef. I am not very good with following the directions of a recipe so thats why I like to create my own. Sometimes my creations turn out to be a complete failure, but as I learn and grow, I begin to create more successful, healthier recipes. I look up to my mom who is an amazing cook and I aspire to be like her one day. She is such a super hero and is able to balance everything so perfectly (even if she thinks she doesn't she does). My mom used to be part of a company called Pampered Chef and that is where she gained a lot of knowledge in the kitchen. She is my number one supporter and my go to girl; she is always teaching me new ways to cook and how to be creative with a limited supply of ingredients.

For me, my entire life has always revolved around sports. From soccer games to lacrosse games to basketball games and golf matches, I barely have any down time. I have been playing sports since I could walk, so it was hard to imagine myself doing anything else. I really enjoy going to Flywheel, a cycling studio that provides high intensity work out classes in a warm and friendly environment. When I began going to Flywheel I was more interested in the physical aspects of the classes: I wanted to get into great shape during the winter months and blow away my team-mates once the spring season came around. However, as I continued to go to Flywheel more frequently I began to create strong realtionships with fellow flyers and instructors. I began to consider this place my home away from home. As I grew, I began to realize that I had potential in other areas of life than just sports, and a passion for health. Flywheel opened me up to a whole new world of fitness filled with endless possibilities, and it also played a role in my interest in nutrition.

My whole life I have been eating foods that satisfy me for the moment, but I never found myself full. These past few months I have been keeping an eating diary to watch what I eat and see the effects specific foods have on my body. This whole process started off with the goal to lose weight, but I soon learned that it was less about losing weight and more about feeling good. I have never been the skinniest girl, nor have I been the fattest girl. I am pretty short and have an athletic build and sometimes I struggle with feeling great about my body. This blogging journey has really helped me reconnect and learn more about myself. Since have started making my own meals, I have learned that certain foods keep me full for a longer period of time. I have become obsessed with grilled chicken and especially carrots and cucumbers because I know when I eat those foods I feel good and full. It is important for everyone to realize that we all have different bodies and certain foods affect us differently. I am here to share with you what works for me and hopefully you learn from my experience and it'll help you grow as a person as well. Once you feel good and happy with yourself, you begin to feel more free. It becomes easier to find your passion and live your best life. My passion is inspiring other people to be the greatest versions of themselves and I hope you choose to live up to your fullest potential because I know you can do it :)

XX, Peri

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