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Summer Time Happiness

After going to school in cold Syracuse NY I have gained a new appreciation for the summer. The summer is a time to relax and plan ahead. There are so many different fun activities to do with friends and family during the summertime.

Whether it’s going to the beach, sitting by the pool, or just walking wherever you may be, the sun is out. Being in the sun and going outside is extremely beneficial for health. It helps uplift your mood along with a variety of other factors. Of course the heat can sometimes be unbearable however, it is important to get a daily dosage of Vitamin D. I learned a little bit about this vitamin in a nutrition class I took at school. It is not present in many foods but is crucial to the body’s function and overall health.

Regardless of the scientific facts, the sun is at its peak during the summer months. This is a time to relax and reflect on all of your accomplishments. Most people still have to work during the summer. In addition, it is growing increasingly popular for students to work and get internships during their time off. Despite the constant drive to work, it is valuable to make an effort to connect with nature and enjoy the sun.

The summer is a good time because you can just be free. Personally, I feel that there are so many opportunities to take advantage of during the summer. I am using this time to recharge my batteries and live my best life. I hope you all can do the same and cherish this time of year.

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