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The Mind: The most valuable tool

Our minds are the most valuable tool. The complex nature of the conscious and the subconscious minds have the power to heal us from sickness. There are many studies and research about neuroscience that explores human nature and the human mind. We have the most developed minds compared to all other ‘animals’. Therefore, we can use our thinking to communicate and problem solve together. Other creatures have simple mannerism and sounds they use to communicate. Humans use technology and science to support research and historical findings. The human race is diverse and unique. Our individual brains are wired differently due to past experiences, religion, family, lifestyle, and dreams. Everyone has their own set of priorities, and these need to be scheduled into a routine. In yoga, the mind will gain awareness the more times an exercise is repeated. The challenging poses soon become challenging for different reasons. Repetition allows the mind to feel comfort and familiarity. After understanding this, the discomfort in the body gets eased by the subconscious thoughts in the mind.

Yoga is a mind, body, and soul exercise. This moving meditation is proven to enhance health. There are many benefits our body can receive from the Baptist yoga practice. However, the mind and soul gain much more strength than the body. Even when it feels different, the soul is what brings a person to their mat each day. Struggle off the mat leads to a more difficult practice on the mat because of the distracted monkey mind. Yoga helps us let go of all the distractions in our mind that bombard us constantly. Technology needs to be used with caution because social media has a negative impact on self-esteem and attention span. This is growing important for the younger generation of children on social media. They are comparing glamours lifestyle and setting unrealistic standards. These pictures, videos, and experiences are not attainable for everyone yet, social media makes it look so easy. Daily vlogs and other influencer behavior has caused a culture shock. And more importantly, it’s interfering with mental health and focus. We must protect our minds.


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