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Life is hard. We get thrown in different directions and must figure out a plan. As we navigate our own unique and individual paths, we have choices to make along the way. These decisions can determine your future and can also keep you stuck in the past. In order to grow, stepping outside your comfort zone is key. It’s very difficult to take a leap of faith and trust the process. First you need to trust yourself and understand that failing is part of succeeding. Finding hope and light in every situation will give you the power to see the bigger picture. These are some of the outlooks I’m trying to embody as I grow through my 20s.

Being in your 20s is challenging, confusing, fun, rewarding, and defining. It’s challenging because you’re learning how to support yourself and become fully independent. It’s confusing because there are so many paths you can take… ‘the world is your oyster’. It’s fun because you are meeting new people, working, partying, and socializing constantly. It’s rewarding because you are achieving new milestones. And finally, your 20s are defining because the prefrontal cortex of your brain becomes fully developed at age 25. This part of your brain is responsible for the behaviors and habits that carry on throughout your lifetime.

In our 20s we want to create positive habits that contribute to our overall wellbeing. My life coach recommended I read this book by Meg Jay titled, The Defining Decade, and it transformed the way I want to live in my 20s. As a 23 year old, I have struggled with most of the topics she covers in this book. She speaks about our culture that influences our subconscious behaviors and attitudes, the impact of social media, navigating love, forward thinking, and so much more. I would 10/10 recommend this book to anyone even if you are not in your 20s. It might help uncover some of your trauma from your 20s that has gone unresolved. Below you can order your own version of the The Defining Decade.

There are so many lessons I’m going to learn in the next decade of my life. In order to embrace all the change that is bound to happen, I need to be present. It’s one of the hardest things to do in today’s world of constant distractions and technology. Creating safe spaces and surrounding yourself with positive energy will inspire you to live up to your greatest potential. Always be curious and never stop learning. Growing pains are inevitable and you must accept change. Live your life fearlessly.



The Defining Decade: Why your Twenties matter-and how to make the most of them now : Meg Jay


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